Monday, December 29, 2014

Last post for this year!!!

        Wow, I cannot believe that it is already almost the end of the year already!! Time really flies by when your age increases, its crazy.  Well the first order of business is to apologize for taking so long to write my next post, but school does push this back to the back burner sometimes.  I will try this year, though, to write a post every month although I cannot guarantee it.
        There are so many things that I want to say...let's see... I'll start with school first, I guess. God has helped me tremendously this past semester of school.  I had so much going on, but God was always there for me.  I saw that alot of my school friends looked up to me because of my God-given talent of doing well in school, and it really opened up my eyes to how much everything I do affects what people think of me.  Next semester I hope that I can witness to some of my friends, so that they  come to know God. 
        It was a very merry Christmas this year! I am very thankful for my family that I saw on Saturday. I look forward to that gathering every year!! Thank some of you (you know who you are) for reminding me to keep writing posts, I appreciate it!
        One song that has been on my heart this year has a chorus that goes, 

  • More of You
    Less of me
    Make me who I'm meant to be
    You're all I want all I need
    You're everything
    Take it all I surrender
    Be my king
    God I choose
    More of You
    Less of me
This chorus come from the song "More of You" by Colton Dixon and has such wonderful words.  This should always be our song and I hope that all of you will take this chorus to heart. I pray that God will continue to guide all of you in the next year! Here is the full song: