Friday, July 5, 2013

Thank You God for Today!

Happy Birthday USA!!  I thank you God for giving us this country we live in and the freedoms that are given to us..  I am so thankful for the wonderful time I had with my family yesterday (and Tuesday night)!  I was very blessed this week by a couple of things.  First, I got the chance to see a cousin that I do not get to see very often since she moved away.  Secondly, my uncle got sick with the mumps and yet God started healing him right away and thankfully he was able to be with us yesterday at the gathering because the mumps were not contagious anymore. Thirdly, it was my mother's 50th birthday!  I just want to say that I am incredibly thankful for my family, both my mother's and father's side and I would never want any other family.  I am also thankful for my family's health!  Lastly, I am thankful for the country God gave to the forefather's and now us, even when things are not going great.  We Americans still have a country and a place to live in that is okay, while some people have it a lot worse than us, so we should all be thankful for that!
        Now a song has been going through my head all morning since I got in the shower and it is "Every Good Thing" by The Afters!
I guess this song was put into my head by God to remind me to be so thankful for every thing that God has given to me, even when I am not fully paying attention to him.  Well since the fourth of July was yesterday i just want to pray for this country : 
Dear God, 
I just want to pray for this country and all the leaders leading at this time.  
I pray that all the leaders will turn more toward you and follow what you want them 
to do in every situation.  I pray that you will open our presidents and countries 
eyes and teach them who you are in a closer way and through a closer relationship.  
I pray that you will use me to be a light unto tall the people in this country.  
Thank you for this beautiful country that we Americans are blessed with and bless 
and protect those who are fighting and who have fought for this country also.
I pray this in your name, AMEN

If everyone who looked at this post would pray either this prayer or another prayer for this country God will move through the prayers and will do a work in this country even when it doesn't look like its happening.  If you liked this post feel free to comment on it.