Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas... and a Happy New Year !!!

Merry belated Christmas!
I thank God for coming to this earth and for giving me the Amazon Kindle !
This was one of my best presents and I already downloaded the Bible on it, so I can read the bible on it!!

Today I was thinking and all of a sudden i forgot to write more on my blog. Sorry i didn't.  This is a place where I can get all my feelings out.
This has been such a good start to a new year!  I made some resolutions, and maybe if you prayed for me, i could keep them.

1. To read my bible not just at night, but throughout the day !
2. To put more joy into practicing my violin, this might be my last year with this wonderful violin teacher
3. To be more patient with my younger brother
4. To not be so shy in school and be able to witness to my fellow piers more easily

These are my most important one's and I would like it if I could keep them.