Friday, November 12, 2010

Today was great!!

Today was a day were everything was going normal.  I go to school with my twin sister, Julie, and well we are kind of "different" in the public school we go to.  We know two more people that are actually christians and its such a blessing to know that we are not the only one's.

Everyday I read a bible reading before I go to bed and last night mine was about selfless love.  the reading was in Philippians 2:20-30.  Many of the people in the world care for themselves more than God.  This is why it is important to take up the cross and spread the word.  This reading also mentioned Epaphroditus a messenger sent to the Apostle Paul to help Paul spread the word of God.  Epaphroditus actually, "came close to death, not regarding his life" in order to serve others.  This love Epaphroditus shows is not normal or common, but only one person can give it to us.  That one person is God. This was the poem under the reading:

To give up yourself for others
Seems like such a tough thing to do;
But that's how you can know for sure
That God's love is working through you.   -Branon

A lesson on the  bottom of this page is You can measure your love for God by showing your love for others.
I encourage all of you to keep showing love toward others even if their not saved because they need God!