Friday, April 20, 2012

Are You Thirsty?

       My sister and I are in a christian group at Molloy College called BASIC.  My sister and I had the pleasure to help host a BASIC (Brothers And Sisters In Christ) and YFL event at Molloy College where I go to school.  It was called Praise Night and the theme was Are You Thirsty?.  Me and my sister helped set up and were so excited to join in.  The Basic group at Molloy put on a skit and it turned out very good and alot of the other people liked it alot.  Then the YFL Band went up on stage and played some songs for everyone to sing; including one of my favorites "The Stand" by Hillsong United.  All the songs turned out to be from Hillsong groups.  
     Then a speaker from Boston spoke to us.  He had just came back from a missions trip in Africa and spoke to us a little about that.  Then he spoke to us about the story in the Bible.  He first asked us how many books in the Bible and everyone said 66.  Then he asked us how many stories are in the Bible.  Our answer was alot.  Then he told us that there is only one epic story in the Bible about a man who worked from heaven,came down to earth, died for our sins unjustly at the hands of his own chosen people, rose again and now is creating a place for us in heaven.  It's an epic story about Jesus Christ!  All the other stories in the Bible are just about other characters in his story to make his points.  He told us that the story starts from the tree of life mentioned in Genesis 2:9 and ends with the tree of life mentioned in Revelations 22:2.  Since humans sinned after the tree of life mentioned in Genesis, humans could not right away go to the tree of life mentioned in Revelations because they had sinned.  There had to be another tree in between these  two trees.  It was the tree of Calvary, where Jesus died for us.  That is when Jesus made the way for us to go to the tree mentioned in Revelations.  He also went through what criminals felt on the cross, and let us know what Jesus went through on the cross.  At one point he brought in a story about him and his coworker at his old job.  His coworker was an atheist and told him once that he did not know why he was living and what would fill him up.  He responded by comparing God  and us to Shakespeare and Hamlet.  Shakespeare wrote Hamlet and could tell Hamlet what to do, but Hamlet could never have any say because he did not know Shakespeare.  This is different than God and us because even though God created us and has a plan for us; we also know him and can see what he is doing in our lives.  His main message was, that God has a plan for us and by following God we can fill up our cup with him and have joy in heaven when we die. 
     It was such an encouraging time with fellow christians.